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A digital creative studio specialising in interactive experiences and branding.

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New UI for the world's most advanced fleet tracking.
  • Interface design
  • Web development

The Brief

MTData is one of the worlds most sophisticated GPS fleet tracking system. They cater to both taxi and transportation & logistics management across every continent, servicing brands such as Toll, Transdev and Aldi.

However, despite it being one of the most advanced systems available, the user interfaces’ for their products were incredibly hard to use.

So, we were brought in to completely re-design all their products, developing consistent and intuitive UI.

The primary goal was to enforce a
zero training required policy.

These products included apps for drivers, dispatch & management, consumers and telephone booking operatives.


The interfaces allow the user to switch between dark and light themes according to preference. Except in-vehicle apps which switch between themes based on the environments lighting.
A vast selection of bespoke icons were created to cover every possible purpose.
Large 'tappable' buttons are used in handheld device apps such as the ones used in the driver app home screens.
Everything is modular so that features remain contextual to the task at hand. For example, each web product has a dashboard of panels providing simplified data from each section. This provides the user with a snapshot before diving in for more detail.

User interface boilerplate

To help with consistency we provided developers with boilerplates containing every possible component style. Above is an example of a web app boilerplate that we most commonly use for fleet management products.


Continental Clothing Co.

un-branded fashion for 
big labels.

Continental Clothing Co.

un-branded fashion for 
big labels.

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