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A digital creative studio specialising in interactive experiences and branding.

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Fine Jewellery, Your Way.
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The Brief

We love clients who innovate, so we were honoured when fine jewellers Banneya London approached us to create a uniquely interactive online experience for their clients. Banneya tasked us with bringing to life their ethos of ‘fine jewellery, your way,’ encouraging and supporting clients to customise pieces to reflect their own story.

We put customisation at the very heart of the website, and at the same time made sure it worked brilliantly for mobile users, creating an experience that is rich and rewarding even when visitors to the site were out and about.

As Banneya’s fine jewellery is very expensive, it was important to reflect both its quality and exclusivity. We did this by building the reputation of Banneya’s designers through in-depth profiles reflecting their international reputation for craftsmanship and for beautiful, meticulous designs. The profiles not only gave them credibility and raised their status, they also gave customers confidence in the collaborative process and the designers’ ability to create a truly individual and meaningful piece of jewellery just for them.


The customiser was designed to feel like a self-contained experience. Which is why it is revealed as an overlay, minimizing distraction and enabling a full-screen experience.
We needed a way to separate the customiser experience from the product listing page. So products displayed here show studio photography on grey, whereas the customiser displays isolated products on white.

Browse the site for yourself and maybe even customize your own piece of fine jewellery at banneya.com



New UI for the world's most advanced fleet tracking.


New UI for the world's most advanced fleet tracking.

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