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Three reasons we avoid sliding promo banners on your homepage.

There are some cases where a homepage slider/carousel may be an appropriate choice. There is in fact a bespoke carousel on our own site. But this has specific purpose. The problem arises when a generic slider has been thrown into a landing page with limited thought given to its content. <insert latest promotion here>


Most web designers at some stage (including myself) have designed a homepage concept with a Shutterstock image dropped into a hero slider, and lorem ipsum in it’s caption. I have since learnt that this may lead to a number of issues.

Our clients often request a hero slider in their homepage. But I suggest alternative options and I then explain to them why a homepage banner may not be the best solution:

1. They may become a dumping ground for content that the web manager doesn’t really know what to do with

The first section of the homepage is a crucial piece of real estate. It’s main goal is to instantly captivate and engage…

…so a generic slider will be leaving this creative application of this region to someone who isn’t a designer.

2. Promotional content in these carousels is often more effective if presented a little later in a users experience

We want your website to create a positive rapport with it’s audience by providing them with the content they are looking for. Then, once they have found this and are feeling positive, we can cross sell.

3. The ability to upload an infinite amount of content into one space can inhibit creative selection

Less is more. Cliche but true. If you are limited to one image, video or other piece of visual content to use as your pages hero, then you’re going to make damn sure that it’s a bloody good one.

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