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Why I launched 
Function & Form digital.

I am very privileged to have worked with some pretty amazing creative agencies in my career. Each one gave me alternative perspectives, turning everything I had leant previously on it’s head. I have certainly developed invaluable experience from some of the most talented people who I will ever meet; however, I still never quite found an agency that was quite right for me. No one seemed to approach web and interaction design the way that made most sense to me personally.

I eventually reached a point where I needed to put all these ideas and methods into practice.

I have always seen a benefit to merging the design and development process. To me, code is just as much a part of the designers toolbox as Photoshop or Sketch. I also believe in working closely with the client. The designer/client relationship should be a two way street: We should be helping the client to understand why certain design decisions have been made, and take them on the creative journey. However we should also be learning from them. No one understands the ins and outs of their business as much as they do.

With that in mind, I eventually reached a point where I needed to put all these ideas and methods into practise:

So, I am very proud, and excited to announce the launch of Function & Form. A digital creative studio specialising in Web and Interaction design.

The ultimate goal for us is to be able to utilise beautifully effective, user focused design to unlock the full potential of our clients.

“Form follows Function. The aesthetics of design should be primarily based upon it’s intended purpose.”
Louis Sullivan

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Todd Padwick

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