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Our studio is moving to London.

I was born in London, and lived most of my life there. But a few years ago I moved to Melbourne and fell in love with it. It’s an incredible city with great culture, quality of life and weather (comparatively).

St kilda, Melbourne. Source: australie-a-la-carte.com

Not long after moving here I launched Function & Form with every intention of staying. 

But unfortunately changes to Australian immigration policies have meant that the chances of staying are far less likely than I had once hoped.

I could fight harder and possibly win my right to stay, but opportunities for Function & Form’s expansion have have arisen back in the UK, so it almost felt like it was meant to be.

For all of you, both friends and colleagues I am leaving behind in Melbourne, I will miss you. I am lucky to have worked with some great people all over Australia, and I’ll never forget the experience. It has been a huge chapter in my life, and ‘what could have been’ may always continue to haunt me. Having said this, I’m an advocate of looking to the future, but learning from the past.

So with that in mind…

London, hold on to your hats (and scarves), we’re coming for you.

Borough Market, London. Source: londonist.com
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Todd Padwick

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