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The Studio

We are a small creative consultancy, specialising in digital media. We regularly work with a network of specialists who give us vast creative reach, without the bureaucracy found in larger agencies.

By encouraging a small selection of long standing partnerships over many clients, we get to know your business inside and out. This is how we achieve better results.

We love to build functional solutions, meeting the highest of standards, for clients who wish to create trends, not follow them.

Our Process

1. Analysis and planning

To discover the best solution, we have to dissect and explore the problem. This means getting to know a clients business, and familiarising ourselves with their market and competitors. From here we plan a sure fast strategy for success.

2. Creative exploration

This is the fun bit… with a solid strategy in place, the studio becomes our playground. We experiment with different ideas until we land on a creative direction, uniquely tailored to solving the problem at hand.

3. Design

Once a creative style and solution has been pinned down, our designers can then begin to craft and roll it out across the whole project. They do this with utmost care and precision.

4. Build

Our developers work extremely closely with the designers to ensure every detail and interaction is built exactly as it should be. We strongly believe that the coding is just as much apart of the creative process as design. A great concept is only as good as it’s final execution.

Our Services

We provide a range of digital creative services, but sometimes it’s not always clear what services are needed. So we work closely with our clients to put together a creative strategy designed to better connect with their audiences.

What we ask, is for our clients to be brave and to be prepared to step into the unknown. We design and create products based on their needs, not on current trends. This is how we create distinctly effective solutions, not only beautiful in Form, but in Function as well.


If a business was a person, the brand wouldn’t just be clothes they wear, it would be the way
 in which they present themselves, the sound of their voice and the language they speak. This is why we create brands which extend further than just a logo - we build entire personalities.

Web Design

We understand how the digital world works, but it’s actually our understanding of people that gives us our edge. The best digital products are the ones that make peoples lives better with simplicity and grace.

Web Development

To us, code is just as much a part of the designer’s toolbox as Photoshop. Our creatives don’t just hand over a design to a developer and then dust their hands of it. They continue to design and experiment in the coding environment itself, ensuring the end product meets the highest standards.

Interface Design

We are ‘user experience’ specialists. We understand how to make interactions simpler, easier and more enjoyable. This is why clients come to us to re-imagine some of the most complex interfaces, into simple and intuitive solutions.


Without well written content, your website is just an empty shell. We can help you set an appropriate tone of voice to go with your brand, and write engaging copy for your website and other branded collateral.

Email Marketing

Time and time again email is proven to be one of the most effective direct marketing resources available. Not only do we specialise in design and build, but we also plan the most effective email strategy, enabling our clients to engage with their audience and generate more leads.


We love to build close working relations with our clients.  We are continuously learning more about their business through good communication and participation. This is why they continue to return to Function & Form.

But don’t take our word for it, have a read through our testimonials to see what they have to say about us…

I use Function and Form Digital for a range of MTData’s marketing collateral and advertising, including our website. They helped design our 2016 taxi stand for a North American conference, which was our best looking stand yet. They also designed our latest taxi brochure and advertisement for the US market. I trust their creativeness and value their strategies. Very professional and responsive….I look forward to working on many more projects with them.

Linda Rizkallah, Marketing manager at MTData

I worked with Todd on a number of projects at Captovate. What impressed me most about him is how he treats UX not as single phase, but as a constant focus that is core to every phase of the project.

Ramon Vincent, Digital Strategist, Captovate

Join the team

We are always on the look out for new talent, whether you are a freelancer, or looking for something permanent. If you feel you’d make a good fit, please send us an email.



Technical lead

We are on the hunt for a permanent technical lead to join our team. They must be experienced web developers, but also must passionately immerse themselves in the digital worlds evolving technologies. They should not only be prepared for change but also be apart of the change itself. Email us with an elevator pitch and link to your portfolio/CV.


Junior interaction designer

We are thrilled to be able to provide a position for an enthusiastic junior designer. Industry experience is preferred but more importantly they should be excited about the prospect of learning new skills quickly. Email us with an elevator pitch and link to your portfolio/CV.

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